Parish Demographics

2011 Census Parish Snapshot


2011 Census Parish Snapshot 1

 * Data taken from Parish Social Profile, Based on 2011 Census.

Significant Parish Events

1952                -  St Peters Primary School opened - cnr Humphries & Cabramatta
26th Oct 1960  -   Mt Pritchard Parish established. Separated from Cabramatta.
8th Nov 1960   -   Father Fennell appointed as our 1st Priest in charge of the Parish.
3rd Dec 1961   -   Blessing of Foundation Stone for New Church & renaming to
                           "Our Lady of Mt Carmel".
23rd Dec 1962  -   1st Church officially opened & blessed by Bishop James Freeman.
31st May 1991  -   New Church (current building) officially opened.
1st Jun 2008     -   Scalabrinian Fathers given Pastoral Care of the Parish with
                           Father Anthony Fregolent, our Parish Priest.
14th Jul 2012    -   Parish Hall refurbished, new Parish Centre opened.

Parish Priests, Administrators & Assistant Priests Associated With OLMC

From 1960 to October 2012 we have had a large number of priests & Religious Sisters associated with our parish.

Parish Priests  - 6
Administrators  - 4
Assistant Priests  - 32 [34]
Italian Chaplains  - 10
Spanish Chaplains  - 5
Vietnamese Chaplains  - 4
Sisters of Charity - 37 (38)
Sisters of Saint Gerard Majella - 9

A complete list of priests and chaplains (including some photos) associated with our parish, is contained in the 50th Anniversary commemerative book titled "The Old & The New" a history of the Parish of Our Lady of Mt Carmel Mt Pritchard. The book is available in the Piety Stand.


Parish Boundaries

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