Fr Anthony Fregolent, CS

He was born in a little village, Sernaglia Della Battaglia, in the Treviso province, about 60km north of Venice in the Veneto Region of Northern Italy. He entered the seminary in the mid 60’s. After completing his philosophy studies in Italy he was then sent to the United States for four years to study theology. He was 25 when he was ordained in Venice by the Bishop of Vittorio-Veneto, Bishop Albino Luciani, later cardinal and Patriarch of Venice and elected the ‘smiling pope’ – John Paul I.

After four years and a few months in Wollongong he was sent to the Melbourne Archdiocese as a chaplain for migrant communities in different parishes, particularly Fitzroy and Carlton where he lived in St Brigid’s parish Fitzroy North.

When the new SBS television station was starting up they advertised for volunteers as broadcasters, so he put his hand up to do religious programs.

After a successfull audition, he was invited to start saying Mass on air every Sunday, homily included. He would also do special programs at Easter and Christmas or on Mother’s Day. This continued on until he left Melbourne for Adelaide in 1992, he was then known as the “The Radio Priest”.

In 2003 he came to the people and parishes of western Sydney. He was based at Mt Pritchard but also served Cabramatta – the Sacred Heart Church, and Punchbowl – St Jerome’s.

In 2008 the Scalabrinian Congregation was given Pastoral Care of our parish and after a journey of over 40 years, Father Anthony Fregolent, CS was appointed as our Parish Priest on the 1st June.

Former Parish Priests & Administrators:

  • Fr Frank Furfaro – From 7th Aug 2005 to 31st May 2008
  • Fr Martin Nicol – From 1st Nov 2000 to 6th May 2005
  • Fr Edward Sedevic – From Jan 1985 to Oct 2000)
  • Fr Edward Sedevic – From 1st Feb 1984 to Dec 1984 (Administrator)
  • Fr David Nies – From 30th Jun 1972 to 31st Jan 1984 (Administrator)
  • Fr Theo Arrivoli – From 10th Aug 1971 to 29th Jun 1972 (Administrator)
  • Fr John Gallaher – From 24th Jun 1966 to 9th Aug 1971/1984
  • Fr Thomas Fennell – From 8th Nov 1960 to 23rd Jun 1966